Advice for a new baby

Irina Sheveleva:

“The main thing is not to shake the baby, blowing dust off. Anyway, he will find his dirt when he starts crawling and at this point there is no need to sterilize toys and dishes, everything is thrown on the floor with enviable frequency. Sleeping together is still better, and it is quieter and there is a chance to sleep. Feed on demand: and the baby is happy, and you and the milk is always there.

Irina Kulina:

“Don’t alienate Daddy, don’t diminish his help. Know as a mantra, that colic and teeth will stop one day, no matter how hard it is. Don’t limit yourself to home, lightweight strollers, slings and baby carriers allow you to travel and not interrupt communication with friends and the world. Do not overeat, do not forget to eat, watch your health, a child stunted mother is not a helper. Find happiness (even if in bits and pieces) in motherhood.

Tatiana Nefyodova:

“Pay special attention to white noise, it is very soothing for the child (we had an app on our smartphone with the sounds of nature).”

Olga Chistyakova:

“Read L. Petranovskaya’s book “The Secret Support. Attachment in a Child’s Life. Listen to yourself and try to understand what the child wants, not pass off your desires as his. Diversify everyday life with activities that are fun (remembering/finding/inventing such activities). Don’t be shy about asking for help from family and friends.

Olga Mazaeva:

“With GW, the most important thing is the desire to feed by all means. And information on how to solve specific problems is easy to find now. With regard to feeding by the hour and other nuances, you need to understand what it brings and what it deprives. Frequent latch-ups and frequent changes of breasts increases the amount of milk, but may cause increased gas and pain in the tummy. Timely attachments may be good for digestion and daily regime, but it is undesirable in moments of crisis, such as breast abandonment, when you want to maximize the connection between the baby and mother, to do “nesting”. With sleep, I personally am saved by the daily routine. We had it by 6 months, and its appearance was the result of a long search of the causes of sleep problems. I think it could have been introduced at about 4 months of age, when these problems began. I started it this way: for a few weeks I wrote down all our sleep and wakefulness during the day, then I analyzed it and found patterns. And started to stick to them consciously. And then began to gradually change the schedule. If a child does not sleep enough, it means that he is not tired enough. We increase waking time by 10-15 minutes a day every day, and we monitor the changes in the duration of sleep.

Catherine Zhuravleva:

“Do not create absolute silence in the house while the child is sleeping. Put music in the background. It’s easier for the mother and the child, too.

Maria Valiullina:

“Do not rock, never, even if you really want to (okay, only a little), do not wrap the baby so he does not sweat, if the child is sleeping, he is warm, cold, pissed and will start to coo and cry. Sleep with the child, do not burst at dawn to boil porridge, multivar in the evening it will cook everything. Do not suffer, the child only a few weeks, or even days to fray your nerves with gas, belching, teeth, transient “crises” and will stop, for an adult – it’s a tiny amount of time, will quickly pass and you do not remember, but for a child – a lifetime.

Raisa Lementovskaya: “Find a smart pediatrician, who will guide the child all the way. Pay due attention to the timely execution of documents, certificates, benefits, queue for kindergarten. Not too much trouble with sterility in the house (this came to me with the second child).”

Anastasia Yakushenkova:

“Three kids later…Don’t overcomplicate anything, don’t make up unnecessary rituals and pseudo-mandatory activities. Don’t be afraid of anything – millions of moms have been dealing with similar problems for centuries in much worse conditions. Don’t even try to get everything done. Planning costs, clearly understand that the baby’s needs are modest: food, a warm mom at the side and any improvised means as a toy. Mannershare, hopscotch, nibbler, pooper clothes are only for the parents for their convenience and EHB. Don’t get greedy by choosing the right strollers. Change them as the baby grows. Break patterns, try different methods: regimen, feeding, potty training…All options are quite workable and any of them can work for a particular baby. Absorb every minute, babies grow up very fast.”

Irina Kulina:

“Don’t be in a hurry to buy clothes for an infant (kids are different, mine started putting things over his head without tears recently, before that they were all buttoned up).

Evgeniya Semacheva:

“Don’t rock the baby on the fitball, sleep together during the day, too, to have enough strength and patience for the difficult period of colic and teeth. Do not compare with other children, find a good pediatrician and, if possible, take VMI for the first year of life, so that the local clinic did not get on nerves and would not have to be dragged in a wheelchair with the baby in the freezing cold. Not to bother with cleaning and cooking. And be sure to accept help from my husband and relatives.

Elena Smirnova: “Listen to yourself and your child, everyone is different anyway. There is no single method for two children, you have to find your own comfortable method.

Lena Sycheva:

“We have three: 14, 8 and 2. Each is born with his own character and temperament. Some of them need to be rocked, some need to be forced to eat, some are colicky, and the others somehow grew up without any problems. I can give you only one piece of advice: be attentive to your child and you will understand what he needs. And also love more than your life.

Marina Kargalova:

“The main thing to remember is that all children are different, even with the same parents. We have three, and if the first two went to the potty at nine months, and there was no reaction to any vaccinations, and teeth when they were cut, there was no temperature, and slept well at night, the third – is absolutely all special: the potty, not sitting, screaming. For all vaccinations-reaction, and already not in a hurry to do, each tooth – is not given easily. So there is only one piece of advice – try to be patient and do what is comfortable for your child.

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