200 liters of water a year! That’s how much sweat a child’s body secretes on average during sleep. So, when it comes to choosing a mattress, the issue of thermoregulation is not in last place. Especially for the residents of the southern regions of our country.

Can a mattress have a cooling effect? Definitely yes.

Once a mattress was just a bed, from which not much was expected: Softness and relative comfort. Today’s products, manufactured using innovative technology, are able to provide us with unprecedented comfort.

cooling mattresses 101

In order for the mattress not to heat up, several conditions must be met:

  • it must be made of natural materials, allowing the product to “breathe”,
  • special filling,
  • good ventilation,
  • it is important to have a response to external factors such as a person’s weight, body heat, air temperature, season, bedding and blankets.

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Cooling foams and gels

Over the past five years, a lot of innovative materials have appeared on the sleepwear market that are amazing with their properties. In particular, we are talking about cooling foams and gels. Here are a few examples.

Cooling mattresses 101 based on soybean oil, which adjusts to the body and monitors your heat exchange, adjusting it towards the balance. This material as part of the mattress provides the sleeper with a restorative sleep that restores muscles, supports cognitive function and releases growth and appetite hormones. The mattresses 101 has high thermal conductivity and air permeability, thanks to which a person feels fresh and pleasantly cool: heat dissipates, body temperature is comfortably reduced, and you sleep in the most comfortable conditions for yourself.

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